We offer custom waist beads that are handmade with powerful positive energy, healing vibes, & 100% natural crystals to help you look & feel gorgeous while balancing your inner goddess.

Hey there! I am Alicia. I am powerful, I am a nurturer, & I am the CEO of Beaded & Balanced Jewelry. Welcome to our family-run business!

We specialize in handcrafting products made with 100% natural herbs & crystals that are designed to bring balance, create confidence,& support natural self-healing in your life.

Our mission is to get your balance in check!
We aim to uplift & energize your mind, body & spirit with self-care items that will help to reduce your stress, ease your anxieties, & soothe your soul to add a boost of bliss in your day.

So whether you're in search of luscious body oils, spa-like body scrubs, powerful jewelry, spiritual cleansing items, & so much more, Beaded & Balance Jewelry offers everything you want for the soulful pick-me-up you need!